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February 6, 2018

Face-to-Face: Embracing Vulnerability and Secure Attachments in Marital Conflict

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

W. Jesse Gill, Psy.D. Eric Scalise, Ph.D.
Margaret Nagib Margaret Nagib

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Webinar Presenters


W. Jesse Gill, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist who is passionate about marriage therapy. His book, Face to Face: Seven Keys to a Secure Marriage, integrates the truth of Scripture with the power of Attachment Theory to help heal and strengthen marriages. Dr. Gill is married to April, the love of his life; they work together to build security in their marriage and with their two children.

Eric Scalise, Ph.D., is the President of LIV Enterprises & Consulting, LLC, and CEO for the Alignment Association, LLC. He is the former Vice President for AACC, as well as the former Department Chair for Counseling Programs at Regent University. Dr. Scalise is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with 37 years of clinical and professional experience in the mental health field. He is a published author with Zondervan, Baker Books, and Harvest House, has authored more than 30 articles on mental health issues, is a national and international conference speaker, and frequently works with organizations, clinicians, ministry leaders, and churches on a variety of issues.



Secure Attachment is critical for any marriage. Appropriate touch, emotional sharing, and tender face-to-face gazing foster needed vulnerability and build healthy attachment bonds between husbands and wives. The fear of rejection and abandonment can result in separation panic, especially during times of conflict. This presentation will help counselors better understand the beauty and power of biblical attachment for marriage and in meeting our desire for emotional connection. God’s design offers opportunities to minister to our spouses, minimize fight/flight/freeze responses, and create a pathway for successful problem resolution. Counselors will be guided in ways to help couples embrace their vulnerability in order to meet tangible needs, transform conflict into healing, and develop a deeper sense of connection.

Participants will:

  1. Apply the foundational principles of Attachment Theory to better understand the root of marital conflict, identify what needs to be restored, and employ successful conflict resolution strategies
  2. Be able to identify and articulate the distinct stages of Protest, Despair, and Detachment that couples routinely experience in the midst of conflict, as well as the ways in which these stages are amplified for traumatized couples
  3. Develop practical tools that shift couples away from negative cycles and into a posture of vulnerability that ministers to the specific attachment needs of each spouse that are activated during times of conflict
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